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Our professional competence, many years of experience and, last but not least, good contacts to public authorities, architects and structural engineers that we have built up over the years enable us to effectively manage your property.

Our services include the following

  • in the commercial field: rents, building management fees, deposits, statements, incidental costs, repairs
  • administrative work: correspondence, requests for prices, notices, voting, minutes
  • the ‘interpersonal’ matters: the selection of suitable tenants, owners' meetings, house rules
  • regulatory aspects: insurances, legal regulations, taxes, professional associations, appointments in court, matters related to construction
  • in the technical field: janitor, maintenance activities, handling insurance claims, selecting suitable tradespeople
  • planning activities: calculation, renovation, upgrading, expansion, conversion, technical upgrades
  • execution of and monitoring work: checking tradespeople's services, acceptance of completion of building work, cost control

Rental management requires security and transparency. No two houses are the same; therefore, we will draw up an individual service package for your block of flats that is wholly in line with your objectives and focuses on economic efficiency and profitability as well as maintaining and increasing the value of your property. Naturally, ensuring that everything is transparent in all areas and for everyone involved is a matter of course for us. To do this, we plan for the future, make careful use of the resources at hand and exchange information regularly so that your property is secure in the best possible way.

Managing freehold flats is a matter of trust. It begins with consultancy services during the founding of a flat owners' association and when drawing up a declaration of apportionment and joint property arrangements; apart from administration of joint property, it also includes support for the association of owners. Naturally, we set up an individual interest-bearing escrow account for each property that we manage. In addition, we also take out a liability insurance policy covering pecuniary loss to protect your assets.

Managing commercial property requires the professional and committed management of real estate to ensure tenant satisfaction and the property owner's success. Our experience and specialised knowledge of the different requirements and forms of use of commercial properties ensure excellent yields, value maintenance and attractiveness in a continuously changing market.